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Real Estate Tip of the Week-9.27.2018

Have you ever wondered why operating expenses vary from property to property?  Energy consumption, service levels and service contracts can vary greatly so it is advisable to secure the details prior to lease execution. Several recent office lease transactions Paramount has…

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Real Estate Tip of the Week-9.6.2018

What is LEED?

In order for a building to earn LEED Certification, it must meet certain criteria and goals within the following categories: Location and Transportation: How close is the project to mass transit? Materials and Resources: Will the project use locally sourced, sustainable products? Water…

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Real Estate Tip of the Week-7.26.2018

Qualifying your real estate needs, researching, locating and negotiating a new lease or purchase of a property is by no means the end of the relocation process for most companies.  One of the most important and costly items within relocating…

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Real Estate Tip of the Week-6.28.2018

Sale lease-backs can be a great option for your business. While many business owners feel that building ownership is right for them, a sale lease-back can provide financially-strapped companies with the capital injection they need. The transaction is simple: an…

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Real Estate Tip of the Week-6.21.2018

Is Your Physical Space Helping or Hurting Your Hiring Efforts? Today, dozens of colleges in the Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area are pumping out graduates eager to find jobs as well as a great company to work for. While you might believe you…

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