Affinity Group Food Marketing | Case Study

“Our lease was up at the end of October, and I met the Paramount team for the first time during the first week of July.  After touring the potential properties, it was clear that one space rose above the rest.  Paramount worked diligently alongside the contractors to ensure that our timeline was met; and without sacrificing the quality of the workmanship.  Paramount was responsive, knowledgeable, and I felt that they worked with Affinity’s best interest in mind.”
          -Randy Fleck, Vice President | Affinity Group Food Marketing

Affinity Group Food Marketing is a manufacturer’s representative in the wholesale food industry. In the same location for over a decade and a half, they desperately needed a more efficient and larger space. The lease expired at the end of October. A large and complicated build-out was needed at any location if we were to recreate the current space.  The test kitchen and cooler/freezer space combination presented challenges when searching for a suitable location.

The benefit of occupying a former lab space was that most of the plumbing infrastructure was in place, however, the space needed reorganization and fixtures needed to be replaced. This saved an immense cost by not having to create a kitchen from scratch. John and Joe not only negotiated a good deal for Affinity in regard to the lease, but also managed the entire construction planning and buildout of the space.John Young and Joe Schultz knew the searching, negotiating, and construction processes needed to move quickly to meet Affinity’s timeline.  John and Joe organized building showings one week after meeting Affinity for the first time. After the initial tours, nothing felt like the “right fit.” Through hard work, good connections, and some luck, they uncovered a former laboratory space that was going to be vacated at the end of the year. They organized a showing, and after walking through that space, Affinity realized, with some work, it could be the perfect space.  John and Joe worked with the landlord to make sure that the timeline would be met, even though there was a standing lease on the premises.

Even well after the lease was executed, John and Joe continued to stay in constant communication to make sure that the construction was completed according to plan, schedule, and budget. They provided a level of service above that typically expected from a commercial real estate broker.

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