Many business owners dream of owning their own industrial or office building rather than lease space and pay rent to a third party landlord.

One should consider both the costs and benefits of commercial property ownership to understand if it’s the right financial and operational move for the individual owner (what ever form of ownership it may be) and the company occupying all or part of the property.

Potential Benefits of Ownership:

        • Better control of building operating expenses
        • Potential property value appreciation creating more personal wealth
        • Principal reduction on the loan via rent payments from the tenant
        • Tax benefits such as depreciation
        • An excellent marketing tool (the bldg.) demonstrating the success of an organization
        • May be less expensive than leasing space in today’s market

Potential Costs and Risks of Ownership:

        • Generally less flexibility to expand or contract space size
        • Requires equity up front: 10%-25% down payment
        • Responsible for ALL building maintenance (roofs, parking lot, HVAC, etc.)
        • Could lose value during a market downturn
        • A default on the loan may result in foreclosure by the lender

If you are interested in a more thorough review and recommendation on Own vs Lease feel free to call Paramount Real Estate Corporation.  We have decades of experience leasing, acquiring and disposing of commercial real estate properties.

Written By: Phil Simonet, Principal | Paramount Real Estate Corp | TCN Worldwide