Informative Interview

On Monday, November 16, 2017 Paramount invited 6 high school students from Eden Prairie into our office to get some background on what we do and what life would be like in the life of a commercial real estate agent. The got some insight on cold calling, conducting showings, general real estate tips, guidelines and characteristics of their role in a sales career. They spoke with three of our brokers; John Young, Connor Ott and Jeffrey Swanson who shared some of their knowledge on the industry and what it takes to be a successful broker.

Jeff attended school at Eden Prairie and had a teacher by the name of Karen Brettingen. He got involved with this because of a business seminar course that she teaches and that he had actually taken. It is a two semester course designed to take young professionals through real life business skills like writing a resume, interviewing, and selling products. The students are required to do four things throughout this course; participate in an internship, participate in DECA and BPA which are business competitions, job shadow, and have informative interviews with professionals in their fields of interest. He has taken time to teach these young minds about the stress and rewards of life in commercial real estate brokerage and hopes that his knowledge will help them decide whether or not this is the correct career path.