Qualifying your real estate needs, researching, locating and negotiating a new lease or purchase of a property is by no means the end of the relocation process for most companies. 

One of the most important and costly items within relocating a business operation is the actual move itself.  This activity requires:

  • diligent planning
  • multiple bids for competitive pricing
  • knowledge related to construction
  • furniture systems
  • Tel-com and IT
  • relocation/moving service providers

Many other move related items are required as well, which is where a project manager can add tremendous value.  A seasoned project manager can save time and money, keeping everything on schedule and handling any problems as they arise when relocating a company.  Why risk exposure to additional costs, disruptions or unforeseen delays and headaches, not to mention the stress the inside person who was tossed the project manager hat will experience.  Interview and select a Project Manager as part of the initial space planning process and the move experience (and costs), will be well worth the cost of a Project Manager.

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