There are times when you just don’t know what to do. Should you buy or lease? Are you able to terminate your lease? What are your options? What is the potential cost of a relocation or construction of a new building? What is the market like right now and are there options available to you? Are you missing something in your analysis?

The bottom line: We offer only objective, honest advice, with no hidden agenda. Our focus is to outline the strategy and provide the necessary information to allow you to make intelligent business decisions that support your company’s vision and objectives. Paramount Real Estate Corp/TCN Worldwide has the resources to help you make a financially responsible and informed business decision.

Paramount’s Consulting Services Include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing plans for building lease or sale
  • Needs analysis and property evaluation
  • Architectural programming
  • Third-party consultant recommendation and coordination
  • Site selection and analysis
  • Building systems analysis
  • Lease/purchase contract review and negotiation
  • Pre-development consultation
  • Financial analysis
  • Project management
  • Move coordination

Long term? Short term? We’re here to provide solutions to any problem. After all, sometimes the best solution doesn’t involve a transaction at all…..just good sound advice to help you get on with your business.

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