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Is Your Physical Space Helping or Hurting Your Hiring Efforts?

Is Your Physical Space Helping or Hurting Your Hiring Efforts?

Is Your Physical Space Helping or Hurting Your Hiring Efforts?
Today, dozens of colleges in the Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area are pumping out graduates.  Graduates who are eager to find jobs as well as a great company to work for.  While you might believe you have the right space to attract the best candidates, it might be a good time to step back and reflect on what you have to offer and what these graduates want so that when this fresh batch of interviewees sit down to talk, you know what your company’s commercial real estate space says about your company.
Research shows, the current generation of graduates expect more from the companies they work for than generations of the past.  This group values freedom, independence, and creative space.  They view their office as a second home and they want to enjoy going there every single day.  With the unemployment rate hovering around 3% and the knowledge that the average person will likely change jobs 12 times in their careers, you better believe your employees will find the work environment they are looking for if your company doesn’t have it.
Paramount recently represented a food distribution company, where the president expressed a desire for space that reflected the company’s culture.  After considering several spaces that would have resulted in lower occupancy costs, leadership ultimately selected space that was more expensive but had amenities including a roof top patio overlooking the city that would allow their team to gather and test their product.  For this company, it was critical that employees would interact with each other and their product on a regular basis.   It was worth the extra expense to have a space that could support an outdoor grill area to make it happen.
How do you make your space reflect your culture?
So how do you make your space reflect your culture?  Location, architecture, physical layout, furniture design, color, work spaces, and amenities are all aspects that can reflect your company culture. Today’s job seekers do consider these physical attributes when deciding where they want to work every day.  So take some time and think to yourself; “does this space make me excited about working here?  Does it embody the culture of the company?  Is it functional?  What aspects of your company’s space can be changed and altered to better reflect your culture and company goals?
Some ideas you might consider: Health & sports enthusiasts might cause you to look for space close to biking trails, space with fitness facilities and showers, you might even add bike storage options.  If you’re a creative marketing company you might try looking for unique architecture or a visually appealing space lay out.  Maybe all you need to do is add a few tap beers, an air hockey table, and a flat screen TV to up the “fun” factor.  Whatever you do, make sure you are consistent with your message regarding your company culture.  Make sure you appeal to the types of people you want to work for you.
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Sure, it is easy to look only at the total amount of real estate you want to own or lease.  It is also easy to only look at the economics associated with your choice.  However, before one even looks at real estate options, a strategic review is necessary.  You want to ensure that your real estate and business goals can be aligned.
Certainly, economics (costs) are PARAMOUNT, but what other aspects of your occupied real estate significantly impact your business operations?  For example; productivity, efficiency, growth, access to labor, and ability to attract and retain top talent are all influenced by real estate decisions.  Attracting and retaining top talent, a key concern for most businesses, can be enhanced or diminished by the wrong real estate strategy.  Employees and visitors want amenities such as restaurants, walking paths, public transportation, and public spaces.
There can be a delicate balance between the human resource aspects of real estate and the hard economics of the bottom line.  A clear and well-articulated strategy makes this balancing act much easier when looking at real estate options.
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