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Leveraging the Workplace: A Return to Value Through Better Design | NAIOP Development Magazine

Workplaces designed for the ways people will work in the future differ significantly from those that are handcuffed to saving money today.
SHIFTING DEMOGRAPHICS and evolving technology have created an untethered workforce for many industries. Why would a tablet-packing employee choose the beige hues of the corporate office over the comfort of his home or the heady aroma and Wi-Fi access of her local Starbucks? Such a question would not have troubled managers or designers even 15 years ago. It would have been laughed at before the advent of the Internet. Not so today.
More than ever before, today’s untethered workers have alluring options when deciding where their work gets done. This trend will only expand to include more workers in the future. But there are two strong reasons why those employees will keep commuting to the office: to connect to their colleagues and to contribute to the company culture. They recognize that collaboration is critical to their success as well as that of the business. These workers are also often drawn to the idea of being a part of something bigger than themselves. Real estate (RE) and human resources (HR) specialists are in a unique position to protect and promote these motivating factors.   Read More.
Written By:  Glenn Roby, AIA, and Tony LaPorte