Top Brokers for 2017

TCN Worldwide (TCN), has been named one of the 2017 Top Brokers by National Real Estate Investor®.   The top commercial real estate brokers are based on total global leasing and investment sales transaction volume in 2016.  TCN came in #9 on the list with $58,603,344,000.  This is the second consecutive year TCN has been on the Top Broker List.  They were ranked 8th (by Deal Volume at $58.6 Billion) in 2016.

According to David Bodamer the author of 2017 Top Brokers, “For 2017, slower growth was a theme among many firms this year. Many saw slower paces of growth than they did a year ago. Some firms even experienced year-over-year decreases in deal volume.

Overall, six firms cracked $100 billion in deals, 13 were exceeded $20 billion in volume and 18 were over $10 billion.

This version of the ranking features additional data, including breakdowns of volume by leasing and investment sales globally and in the U.S in 2016.  It also includes the number of transactions closed, the number of brokers employed and revenue figures for some firms.”

TCN Worldwide is a consortium of independent commercial real estate firms, provides complete integrated real estate solutions locally and internationally.  An extensive range of real estate services coupled with a personal commitment to exceed expectations is what allows TCN Worldwide to be a leader in this competitive industry.  Comprised of leading independent brokerage firms, serving 20 countries, more than 200 markets globally, TCN Worldwide combines an entrepreneurial approach with years of local experience.  Around the globe, across all property types and service groups, TCN Worldwide’s more than 5,000 brokers and salespeople have a well-earned reputation for providing straightforward expert advice.  Paramount Real Estate Corporation has been a member of TCN Worldwide since 2008.

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